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Questions about the

Canadian Care Dental Plan



Who Are We

About the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP)

We do not have all the information about what the new CDCP will cover (as of March 28, 2024).

From what we do know, only basic procedures will be covered and you may only qualify for partial coverage.

The fees in the CDCP are not in alignment with the Ontario Provincial Dental Fee Guide. As a result, there will be a co-pay expected from the patient to align these fees with our provincial fee guide. These fees will be due at the time of treatment.

There are limitations on frequency for all procedures, and we cannot be responsible for knowing your eligibility. Any fees not reimbursed will be the patient’s responsibility.

Many procedures will not be eligible for CDCP until the fall of 2024, and only with pre-approval.

If you qualify for this program, please be aware of the limitations of your coverage and operate within them. We do not have the ability to monitor every individual’s coverage under CDCP, nor their reimbursement eligibility. As a patient covered by this plan, you will have access to the details of your coverage and the level of reimbursement for which you are eligible. Please know your coverage as you will be responsible for any fees not covered by your plan.

We will not be implementing CDCP until we know more details, which will be around July of 2024.

We will not be accepting new patients under the CDCP until we have had the opportunity to accommodate our existing patients and the additional administrative load associated.

We appreciate your understanding and patience.


For the latest information on this program please see the government webpage here. 

Should you have concerns about the CDCP, please contact Ben Lobb your local Member of Parliament, as this is a federally regulated program.

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