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About Our Office: Learn About the Clinton Dental Clinic

Dr. Grant Lee grew up just outside of Woodstock on a dairy farm. He had a passion for dentistry from a very early age. His mom would never smile without her hand over her mouth. That was something he wanted to change. She was one of the first smiles that he brightened. He attended the University of Western Ontario where he graduated from dental school in 1974. He moved that same year and built his first dental office in Zurich. In 1985, he purchased his second office from Dr. Palmer. The office moved over the years from a second story location on Clinton’s main street, to the medical building across from the hospital and to its current location in 2007. He eventually sold his Zurich office to one of his associates.

Dr. Grant Lee’s vision was to establish in Clinton a family practice in which Dr. Veronica Lee and Dr. Melinda Lee along with Melinda’s husband, Dr. Selam Kaddory, could service the community and the surrounding area. For Grant, family and community were essential. Dr. Grant Lee believed in treating each one of his patients with the utmost respect, care and consideration. He wanted to brighten everyone’s smile.

Unfortunately, Grant never had the opportunity to work alongside his daughters in their chosen profession, as he passed away in 2013.

However, Dr. Veronica and Dr. Melinda continue to carry on their father’s traditions and practices to further support the community and to honour his legacy.

Drs. Lee, Kaddory & Lee
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